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List of Trusted Faucets to Earn Free Bitcoin 100% Paying

In this section we show you a compilation of the different and best ways that there are on the net to earn free bitcoins without any risk and above all in an easy and effective way so that you increase your earnings and get a little deeper into the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies.

There are countless web pages to earn free cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately most of them do not comply with what they offer, that is why we take the time to first try and check to leave you this list of the pages that are currently paying.

Rating: 10/10
It is by far the preferred one by all users, it is a fairly reliable page since it began its activities in 2013. It has several ways to win, one of them is the tap where you can claim every hour; Another is the daily interest, which you start to earn automatically if you have a minimum of 30,000 satoshis in your balance, they pay an annual interest of 4.08%.
Referrals: They pay 50% of the Bitcoins that our referrals earn.

Minimum withdrawal: 30,000 satoshis.

Payment method: Payments are only in bitcoin to any wallet. We recommend using the purses or wallets of Localbitcoins , Coinbase , Trust Wallet (App) .

Rating: 9/10
It is a page very similar to Freebitcoin in appearance and operation, it has been online since 2018; here you can earn ready his claiming every 60 minutes, in addition to also earning passive interest of 8% per year if you have a minimum of 0.05000000 in your balance. You can increase your earnings with their betting game that is very simple and easy to play since it offers you a 50% probability of winning or losing.

Referral bonus: You earn 50% commission for each claim made by your referrals.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.003 litecoins, but it charges a commission of 0.002.

Payment method: Any wallet that accepts litecoins.

Rating: 8/10
Like Freelitecoin, this page also started in 2018, and offers the same ways to win via faucet, passive interest, multiplier or gambling, in addition to the lottery.

Referral bonus: You earn 50% commission for each claim made by your referrals.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.001 ETH, but it charges a commission of 0.0015 so you must have a minimum of 0.025 ETH.

Payment method: Any wallet that accepts ethereum.

Rating: 8/10
It went online just this year but it is a page that promises, it started by paying Doges but now it has increased its list of altcoins, such as: ETH, USDT, USDC, HT, LEO, BNB, in addition to the classic and most appreciated BTC, here you can randomly win a certain amount of any of these mentioned coins every 60 minutes. You can also win by playing the multiplier, in the game of the moon, and through the interest they pay for depositing your coins, the interest percentage varies according to the number of days you have contracted and the type of currency.

Referral bonus: You earn 50% commission for each claim made by your referrals.

Minimum withdrawal:

Dogecoin: 200, with a commission of 5 DOGE.

Bitcoin: 0.0001, with a commission of 0.00001 BTC.

Ethereum: 0.003, with a commission of 0.00001 ETH.

Tether: 1, with a commission of 0.1 USDT.

Dollar Coin: 1, with a commission of 0.1 USDC.

Huobi Token: 0.2 with a commission of 0.02 HT.

Unus Sed Leo: 1, with a commission of 0.1 LEO.

Rating: 10/10
This page is online since 2017, it has many ways to earn different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, TRX, ZEC, DGB) with the tap every 30 minutes, shortlinks, wall of offers, PTC (pay per click) and auto claim, in addition, every 3 hours you can claim ACP points that you can then exchange them for any cryptocurrency with which you work.
Referral bonus: 20% commission per referral.
Maximum withdrawal: $ 10 per day.

Minimum withdrawal: Different minimum withdrawal amounts for each cryptocurrency, here I show you the main or best known.

Bitcoin: 0.00030000.

Ethereum: 0.00600000.

Dogecoin: 200.

Litecoin: 0.01400000.

Payment method: Payments are to any wallet.

Rating: 10/10
Another of the pages that we recommend to obtain very good profits is this one, although it is relatively young, since it began in 2019, it is a fairly reliable, safe and responsible platform in payments, it offers us multiple ways to earn (PTC , Faucet, Videos, shortclaim, among others). You can rent referrals and buy a membership from 300,000 lithoshis to obtain a higher percentage of profits. It also has a space to advertise the pages you want.

Referral bonus: It does not specify but this faucet also pays very well for referrals.

Minimum withdrawal:

Payeer: 0.02000000

FauctePay: 0.00000100

WalCrypt: 0.00000001

Payment method: Direct payments to the wallets of Payeer (3.5% commission), FaucetPay (2% commission), WalCrypt (1.5% commission).

Rating: 10/10
This is an excellent page to continue accumulating more earnings easily and above all, free. It also has many ways to win, for example: Faucet, where you can claim coins every 60 minutes; Videos; PTC, Wall of offers, among others.

Referral bonus: 25% of what your referrals earn.

Passive interest: You earn 5% annual interest automatically from 35,000 satoshis accumulated in your balance.

Minimum withdrawal: 50,000 coins in bitcoin and 30,000 in doge.

Payment method: The accumulated coins can be withdrawn in bitcoins or doges, to any wallet of your preference that supports these cryptocurrencies.

Rating: 9/10
Here we show you five faucets that I say belong to the Moon family, because these 5 pages work in the same way as other taps but each one pays a different cryptocurrency and all pay to the same Coinpot “wallet”, where your balance is accumulating and with each claim you make in the 5 faucets you earn tokens of the page (3 Coinpot tokens) that you can exchange for any of the other 5 cryptocurrencies. We are referring to Moon Bitcoin, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Dash and Moon Cash, in addition to these 5 faucets, Coinpot also works with Bitcoin bonus and Bit fun. In these faucets you can claim coins every 5 minutes, except Bitcoin bonus, which is every 15 minutes and Bit fun, every 3 minutes; but I recommend that you claim 2 or 3 times a day in each of the faucets, since the coins accumulate over the minutes.
It is very important that when you register in each of the 7 faucets, you must do it with the same email that you used to create your CoinPot account, in this way it will be automatically linked and payments or claims will accumulate in this micro-wallet.

Bono por referidos:
Moon Bitcoin: 50%.
Moon Litecoin: 25%.
Moon Dogecoin: 25%.
Moon Dash: 25%.
Moon Cash: 25%.
Bicoin bonus: 50%
Bit fun: 50%.

Rating: 10/10
It is a very good page that has been online since 2016 in which you will earn bitcoins basically for visiting websites for a few seconds.
Also, you can buy referrals, but the best thing or my recommendation is that you get direct referrals (yours).
Referrals: You earn 10% in ad browsing and 5% in advertising expenses for each referral.

Minimum withdrawal: 33,000 satoshis, except FaucetPay that allows you to withdraw 4,000 satoshis.

Payment method: Payments are only in bitcoin to any wallet.